About us

Hello and welcome to Boutique 511, an online fashion boutique run by 2 sisters, Beth (living in Edwardsville, IL) and Veronica (living in Prescott, WI)!

We are a brand new online fashion boutique that launched in 2017. Beth is a stay at home Mom and Veronica has a Finance background and works in the corporate world. The two ladies were happy with their lives but felt like something was missing. They wanted to contribute to something more than their families and their day job and pave their own path. With the love and support of their husbands and sons, they forged ahead and that is how Boutique 511 was born!

At Boutique 511, we provide women with a one stop shop for buying clothing and accessories to be able to rock the meeting, the date night or happy hour, and the never ending to do list. We want to make sure our ladies feel confident in their clothes and empowered that they can tackle anything.

We hope you love our clothing as much as we do! 

Happy Shopping

Beth and Veronica