What a Mom Wants for Christmas

No matter how much prep work is done ahead, pretty much everyone could use a little help around the holidays.  We're no different and we're guessing your right in the same boat with us.  The last couple weeks we've been posting blogs trying to help the best we can with topics ranging from easy holiday looks, to quick hair, to gift guides.  This week we're calling in help- today's blog is written by one of our interns, Cooper Wittek, 10 year old emerging writer.  He's giving his perspective of what a mom wants for Christmas. 

What a Mom Wants For Christmas

by Cooper Wittek

Looking for a gift for your mom?  We have the gift for you!  But not for boys, yet.  The moms I know like clothes.  Some like fancy and casual.  Usually a little of both, depending on where they have to go.  They like jewelry too, any kind and we have it all.

Moms don't just need store things though, they also want hugs, kisses, a chance to sleep in, maybe even breakfast, but not in bed- that's a mess.  Oh and they like their back scratched too. 

If you like to touch and feel things before you buy them, check out some of Boutique 511's items at one of their pop-up shops or at 22 and Co., in Prescott, WI.  You will be impressed and she will be delighted. 

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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