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We are so excited to have a guest blogger today!!! She is one of our blonde models as well and has been 11's closest friend since they were 18! Read up on Heather's latest adventure in Mexico City! Not only is she going to talk about her trip but also what she wore! (Hint: Lots of Boutique 511!): 


When invited to a wedding in Mexico what is the first thing you think of? Tequila, dancing and I need to look cute! Thanks to Boutique 511 I was able to accomplish my fashion needs. Today, I'm going to tell you about my trip to San Miguel De Allende. . .

Before the trip I laid out my clothes, shoes and accessories to ensure that I had what I needed. 


Day 1 Thursday:

We were lucky enough to have an early flight in to Mexico and spend the day at the pool with our friends. At night we decided to go out for a nice cultural dinner and I wore the B511 black romper. This romper was perfect as it was a little chilly at night, so the long sleeves were a must. I was also able to pair it with flip flops as the streets in San Miguel were cobblestone. However, paired with stilettos or wedges can really fancy this romper up.

(My husband and I on the patio of our residence for the week)


Day 2 Friday:

Today was rehearsal dinner day! But before the rehearsal we hit the streets of San Miguel for a little exploring. San Miguel is a beautiful, bright colored, friendly and bustling city with some many options for food and cool little things. The weather was amazing, mid 80’s everyday! Today I rocked the B511 bright coral v-neck, tied top and black high-waisted scalloped shorts. This outfit was so fun and comfortable for my day on the streets of San Miguel.

(The beautiful streets of San Miguel!)


For the rehearsal dinner I wore the B511 gold necklace with a spike pendant that I love so much! Every time I wear this someone (or a few people) ask me where it’s from. This necklace can be dressed up, or worn with jeans and a t-shirt. I also wore my real floral crown, so cute!

(Look at that necklace, perfect!)


Day 3 Saturday-Wedding Day!:

Today we spent the morning at the pool, had some local street food and then began preparing for the wedding. I wore the floral off the shoulder B511 floral dress, which worked out perfectly for the parade through the city of San Miguel. As you can see there were donkeys escorting us along the parade route, what an amazing time!

(My husband and I with the donkey, Bonito)

(The beautiful newlyweds-our great friends Sara and Brian)


Day 4 Sunday:

After all of the festivities were over, we took the day to continue our exploration of the city. There is so much history and architecture in San Miguel. So many beautiful photo opportunities! I took this picture in one of the many door ways. Today I wore my bright orange floral B511 dress, this dress is stunning! As you can see I rocked my floral crown again today, it’s not often that a 32 year old woman can wear a floral crown!

(Gorgeous architecture of San Miguel)


Day 5:

Today we head home!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. My take away points include:

  • San Miguel is a beautiful and historic city in Mexico worth a visit
  • If you ever have the chance to participate in a parade through a city-Do it!
  • Finally, B511 prepared me well for my trip! I received so many compliments, felt comfortable and loved all the clothes I purchased!

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