Travel Tips From a Gypsy Soul- Part One- The Prep Work

Summer means lots of things for different people- time spent watching baseball, veggies from the farmers market, Tasty Freeze visits, and if your lucky a trip of some kind.  Whether its a lot of miles put on running shoes or a suitcase, this Gypsy Soul has some travel trips for you. 

Before You Go:

-I know its the Midwestern Way to leave a spotless house, and no need to lie, I also fall into this camp, but if you don't have endless time and opportunity here are some things that should take priority.  Listed in order of importance.

1. Arrange care for you pets if you have them.

2. Cut your grass and pull all your weeds, if you have a yard.  This is not just to keep your neighbors happy, but that is a nice side benefit.  Nothing screams "Out of Town" more than an unkempt yard, leaving it well taken care of looks like you are there and that's some cheap security.  

3. Pay all your bills before you go.  Ugh- this is the worst, even more so than cleaning- but believe me- nothing is worse than coming home from a vacation with the receipts needed to enter in from it and your regular bills.  Just getter done, and you will feel better and you'll know what you can responsibly spend while on vacay. 

Okay- back to this clean house thing before I move on.  I have never left with my house messy, ever...until one vacation this year.  I had been busy with work, the whole family had gotten sick two weeks before, and both kids had projects they'd been working on.  There was only so much time and I decided to just leave the house and you know what happened- nothing!  Actually, the whole vacation started off better.  I wasn't stressed out from overworking myself before it.  I didn't have to pester the kids to stay out of clean rooms (yes, I am that crazy).  When we came home with suitcases of dirty laundry, I wasn't so worried about messing the house up with it.  Also, when I came back, I felt rested, relaxed, and ready to take on what was coming my way.  Really, what is the worst that could happen leaving a messy house?  If someone breaks in, I promise you they'll not be doing a white glove test. 

Packing to Leave:

11 has already written a good trip packing blog and vlog and we've had a guest writer cover trip packing.  Both have done great jobs, why be redundant.  These packing tips are more business than pleasure.

-Workout Wear:  Okay, I'm a sweater- 20 minutes in to a workout, I don't look any different than after an hour.  That makes for some interesting clothes to try and return home in a suitcase with maybe some dry clean onlys, so I don't.  Throughout the year I save my old workout clothes.  You know the ones you plan on tossing thanks to the lack of elastic.  I try and set them aside when they have one more wear to them- thank you drawstrings.  I also keep my old running shoes too.  On vacation I wear each workout outfit twice- yes, it is a little like putting on a damp swimming suit, but it gets me going to warm up- and throw them out when done.  I use the old running shoes and at the end of the trip, if I haven't found a shoe donation bin during it, I ask the lobby for a place.  And now I have space in my luggage for souvenirs.  Yesss!  Try it, it takes some planning throughout the year, but it is awesome.

 -Family Road Trip or Multiple Location Stays:  We've all heard the advice, if you're going to fly keep a change of clothes in your carry on, just in case your suitcase has different vacation plans than you.  Well what if that happens and you aren't in the mood to wear that outfit?  While packing for a trip we put some of all our clothes in multiple suitcases.  At packing time this situation looks like a sh*t show, but once complete, is genius.  First, if the worst happens- lost or stolen luggage- your golden, because its usually just one bag that goes missing.  If more than one bag goes missing, you are entitled to anger shopping, so your also golden.  And now its time to take it to the next level.  If you know you are going to have multiple location changes, why drag every bag in every time.  We lay out all of our clothes in outfits needed for the whole trip, every family member, for everyday.  Okay, usually just me and the kids, my husband brings a lick and a promise.  Once we have the days planned out, we figure out how long we'll be staying in one spot and stick all of our clothes in an appropriate sized bag/suitcase.  We use the free luggage tags airlines provide to label what bag is for what nights and only bring one bag in at a time.  The time taken at home, is gained on vacation, which is where you want the time change. 

Final pre-vacation thoughts.  I know you're excited, but if you are going to leave your home unattended fight, fight, fight the urge to tell everyone on social media where you are when your there.  That doesn't mean you can't share your awesome experiences with your friends and family, just be a little off on your postings.  The activities I post online often happen a few days to a few weeks after they actually happened, that way people never know where this gypsy soul is, because I am made to wander free, while my home stays safe.

Coming up is tips for while your actually on vacation. 





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