The Jean Jacket

Helloooo and welcome to another blog post from Boutique 511! This week we are tackling the love it or hate it item of the season...the jean jacket! Now both Beth and I are on the LOVE side of this equation and we are obsessed with the jean jacket we have in stock! 

OK - so why a jean jacket? It's really that perfect transition jacket before the parkas and layers start to come out. It is heavy enough to give you some warmth on those cooler nights and yet small enough to throw over your purse when the sun peeks out and warms you up! 

I know for some this may bring back awkward memories of grade school but the jean jackets of today are quite stylish and should help offset any bad memories! Here is a little inspiration for you! I love to wear the jean jacket with dresses, tops and even as a jacket over my dressy work clothes. 



And I'm starting them off our littlest intern a jean jacket too so we can match! More coordinated Mommy and Me outfits are for another blog post - so stay tuned!  

Hopefully this gives you the courage to try it out! 

Click on the link below to snag a jean jacket for you today!


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