The Capsule Closet - 11's take on the growing trend

The Capsule Closet. It’s the latest craze and it most likely blowing up your Pinterest pages. But do you really know what it’s all about??? I’m here to give you the low down on what is a Capsule Closet and my journey around this.

OK, so first things first, what is a capsule closet? According to Unfancy, a capsule closet is “a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear.” The article goes on to say that a 37 piece combination of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and shoes is the right amount to have in your closet at any given time. Reducing the amount of clothes you have will give you more time and space to do the things to you love. 

 So now, let me give you my perspective…to start, I have more than 37 things in my closet…I’m actually pretty sure I have 37 pairs of shoes haha! Similar to my entire approach in life, I take a little bit of every trend and make it my own. Here is where my journey started with really just pairing down in general.

A few years ago I was doing the dreaded closet stare…looking at all the clothes I had in my closet and still feeling I didn’t have a single piece of anything I really loved or wanted to put on. It had been a growing trend of mine and I was sick of just feeling meh in my clothes. That was when I finally decided that Momma needs a new closet and here is how I broke it down.

I got rid of so many clothes and it felt so so good. Now I knew I could start fresh. I used my tops and dresses to keep my looks trendy (floral, cold shoulder, cool designs) while still having some staple solids for my casual jeans and classic tee days.  I didn’t go crazy buying hundreds of tops and dresses but maybe a good 10-20 that I loved and thought were fun. Those paired with some of my classic pieces (dress pants, jeans, jackets) I kept made me feel that I could have a pretty great wardrobe for the season. The other criteria for me was that my tops and dresses still had to be affordable. Since I was looking for trendier pieces I would wear the snot out of them and then if they were in tatters by the end of the season I had gotten my money’s worth out of that $30ish top.

Now this is where Boutique 511 can come in to help you out! If you are looking for a wardrobe refresh, the first spot to go is your tops. That is a great way to bring any outfit up to the trendy scene. Most of our trendier tops range from $20-$35 and are truly great quality so they will be sure to last the entire season. If you are looking for some staples we have that too! We love adding color with some of our basic tees, cardigans, and jackets. These can be easily dressed up or down and can be so versatile.

In the end it really doesn't matter about the number of items you have in your closet, you just want to make sure that when you walk into your closet that you are enjoying the clothes and that you feel confident when you put on any outfit. 

If you are looking to find out more here are some links that helped me understand the capsule closet a little more.


Looking for ways to pair your clothes differently? Give us a shout! We will gladly hop on a video call with you to walk through your wardrobe!!!! :) Contact us to chit chat! 

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