Schools Out For Summer

Whew- we made it!  Or for the Northern followers, you are almost to the end of school!  We love school, but for the past two months our calendar has been booked solid with after school activities, and no matter how enriching they are- we're ready for a break.  My kids have had more end of the year celebrations, ceremonies, field trips, and ice cream stand stops than I can count, so want to know what I decided?  It was time for a little treat of my own.  I like to do my own nails, and getting my hair done isn't a treat- it's a necessity.  I'm more grey than all the paint samples at Sherwin Williams.  So a new outfit it was!   Needed?  Not at all, but I do feel better running them to summer camp in my brand new workout outfit.  You bet!

Whether it's a new outfit from us, from someone else, a chance to sleep in, a trip to the coffee shop, or time spent with a book, make sure to do just a little something for yourself.  I can pretty much promise you it'll help make the start to summer, just a little bit sweeter.   


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