Planning a Girls Trip

As I write this I am knee deep in prep for a girls weekend. Nails are done, I've waxed everything I'm willing to, and I have to cover those grays (just over 30 and more gray than 5). Am I stressed? A little....not fully packed, have to make sure things at work are buttoned up and my out of office turned on....but my excitement far outweighs the planning and prepping and I'm ready to get out of dodge! 


Today I'm here to give you some great girls trip travel tips and some staple outfits you need to bring with you! 


  1. Get that group text going! - this is actually a tip I take out of my husbands book. About a week before the trip, start a group text! That way you can iron out details, playlists, hashtags, and send funny memes! I look forward to coming back from meetings to find 20 plus new texts! If I wasn't excited yet I sure am now! 
  2. Share your sh$t - for some of us, this is our third girls trip and it took us this long to realize maybe not everyone needs to bring a blow dryer! Some of the other things we are sharing: face wash, hair spray and sun screen. That means we can allocate the lbs to the more important outfits 
  3. The larger the group the more you should plan - this girls trip has a purpose...a bachelorette party which means there are 9 of us! To make sure we are ready when we need to be our planner gave us loose itineraries of what we need to be and where so then there is no guessing. And be sure to thank that planner by buying her a fancy cocktail or even dinner! 
  4. Packing tips - about a week before the trip every time I go into my closet or fold the laundry, if I see something that is girls trip worthy I will place in a pile by the foot of the bed or my spare bedroom. Then a few days before I make my huge list to make sure I don't forget anything. I start from showering (shampoos etc) all the way to the finishing touches of the outfit (jewels). Then the night before I get down to business. I divide out outfits for each day so I know I have things that match and I'm happy with. I have an idea that this trip will involve a trip to the gym, hanging out at the pool, walking around/exploring, and night life. I bring about 1-2 extra outfits for each part of the day so then I also know I have options!!! And yes, that means that my luggage may weigh more than 50 pounds but the good thing is there is normally 1 or 2 gals that prefer to pack light! Take up their space! 
  5. Outfit inspiration - OK let's be real here, the week you are going on your trip you are spending more time daydreaming during the busy work hours then actually being productive. If your daydreaming can help you decide some outfits then that's a win win! If not, I have a few inspiring outfits for you!
Our cover ups and sunglasses are perfect for the days spent by the pool! 
If your vacation is more on the casual side, these options are perfect for you! This picture makes my heart so full, not only because they are my closest friends, but also every gal is wearing Boutique 511!!!!! From left to the shoulder floral top, cream jeggings, black leather like jeggings, and cream tank! What a beautiful crew! 
Off the shoulder top: $24 Click HERE
Cream jeggings: $28 Click HERE
Black leather like jeggings: $34.50 Click HERE
Cream tank: $28.50 Click HERE
If you are planning for a night on the town we have a couple of options for you too! Kristin rocked the Side Cut Out Dress (far right, first picture) and looked amazing in it! I wore our fitted sparkly black dress (phone holder, first picture) and felt so comfortable all night! Other options are also our black cold shoulder romper that Jaelynn (far left, second picture) rocked the second night we went out! I wore our leather top  (third from the right) with the chiffon bottom but tucked the chiffon piece in to make it a little less professional looking and more "going out" looking!
In the end, it really doesn't matter what you wear, it's who you are with that really makes the trip special. I've been so lucky to have such a great group of friends that want to do this and our friendships get stronger every time! We have even bumped into ladies that have been doing a girls trip for 30+ years and that's our goal too!!!! 
Enjoy planning your trip with your girlfriends, I promise you, you won't regret it!!!!! 

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