It's our 1 Year Anniversary!!!!

It's time to put on your party hats people because we are officially a year old!

We are so happy and so humbled to have met so many new people over this last year! I'm also not going to sit here and tell you we have it all figured out...there is definitely still days we doubt ourselves or don't think we are good enough but our customer support has helped us fuel our fire and keep us on track! So a huge thank you to all of you! 

Just over a year ago we did so many things for the first time; our first market, our first photo shoot, our first online business launch. All of these came with so much nervousness and doubt but we tried to keep the cool face on. And now, our purchases are done with confidence, our photo shoots are seamless (or as seamless as they can be!), and we have even started going Facebook LIVE! Again, a work in progress but still striving for success!

So....since we are a year old we are going to be expanding in some new areas!!!! In the next few weeks not only will we be dropping our summer and beach collection but we are also going to have extended sizing and athleisure wear!!!! You'll be able to see the extended sizing water mark on the collections that we offer and I'll make sure to show the sizes available in our emails and Facebook posts too! Athleisure wear was an obvious add to our collection starting this year. We realized that when we aren't looking fabulous on our collection we were toting around in our latest athletic wear and that is when the light bulb came on....we need to have this in our store too! 

Starting today we will be showcasing all sorts of deals and promos to show our appreciation to our loyal customers! Make sure you have subscribed to our emails and like us on Facebook to see the latest of deals!!!! 

Cheers to another fabulous year!!!!! 




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