It's Go Time Planners!

There are planners and procrastinators.  Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and organized-down-to-the-minute people.  Human nature seems to determine which we naturally are, even in life sometimes pushes our preference out of our comfort zone at times. 

I'd love to say I'm a free flowing spirit, but anyone that knows me knows I'm as breezy as a hurricane.  And with that introduction, I have one question to ask- Hey planners, are you also knee deep in holiday prep?  I am.  Fall decorations were packed away yesterday, winter unpacked today.  My Christmas list is made.  Photos have been found for the card and everyone in the house is humming tunes to try and find a song we can remix for our Christmas letter. 

I know the last couple years there have been a push back on the over commercialization of Christmas.  There has also been a call to "Slowvember" this month.  Enjoy some down time before December.  If you can let your schedule and your mind roll that way- my winter stocking hat off to you.  Not me, and here's why.

1.  If I'm going to transform my house into the winter wonderland it becomes, I better be able to enjoy it for longer than three weeks. 

2.  Growing up in Minnesota, I learned I'd rather run around like a crazed person in November verses December.  It traditionally doesn't getting any warmer in the upcoming month.  

3.  Finally, although my kids aren't babies, they still are kids.  That only lasts for a finite amount of time.  When December rolls around, I want to go to the daytime elementary and junior high band performance and at night I want to snuggle up and watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.  

Lucky for me, 11 is no different, which means one thing...Boutique 511 is ready for our first ever Holiday Season!  The last several weeks we have launched several sparkly, dressy, fun pieces that will look great at family, friend, and office get togethers- and more is coming!  Today we put out two fun Christmas graphic tanks, that would be great under jackets and cardi sweaters. AND Coming soon we will introduce our Holiday Gift Giving Guides.  We'll feature gift ideas at the $10, $25, $50, $100 price points.  Then there will be Black Friday week...we love Black Friday, we are Small Business Saturday, and then there is Cyber Monday!

Now the house isn't going to glitter itself- get going!


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