Is anticipation bad? Or could it be pre-gratitude?

This week brought the official start to Spring, bringing with it optimism for better weather... depending on where you live.  If you're lucky, maybe a chance for a Spring Break trip somewhere fun?  If you're like us, your excited about new clothes to wear for the new season. 

Growing up I was the kid making paper chains for the next exciting thing coming up or wishing I was a certain age so I could reach the next big milestone.  My parents, like the majority of others, advised me to "not wish my life away".  They were great, but I wasn't ready to listen to them yet.  As the years passed and I grew into a semi-adult, I did try to take their advice, "mature up" a bit.  It was pretty easy to do because its fun to be young and live in the moment.  As a new mom, I found that habit of anticipation creep back in, this time though (more often than not) it usually led to disappointment.  I could see my parents might have been on to something.  For example, I planned a trip to Vegas, spending the majority of a winter in the gym sweating to fit into the tiniest of dresses, only to have the trip cancelled due to a snow storm.  Another Christmas was cancelled due to our children acquiring Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Yep, the same disease livestock get, and you get the point.  I had decided that living in the moment, "being wear your boots are", was the key to happiness.  

Now, I am in another stage of life.  I am still a mom to kids that need parenting, but they also need managing.  We, 5 and 11, have started this boutique that has so many fun things coming up.  Which has, you guessed it, brought the same habit of anticipation back.  For a while I have fought the feeling, thinking of that same advise I was taught years ago- "Don't wish your life away," and "Anticipation leads to disappointment."  Just recently though, while running, I came up with another take on anticipation.  Could anticipation really just be pre-gratitude???  At least for me, and maybe for you?  Now that I am older, I know what it takes to plan something, arrange transportation, and most importantly- make time for something or someone.  So what I have been working on, as I think of what is to come this day, this week, this month, this season instead of thinking of it as anticipation, I am thinking of it as pre-gratitude for the opportunities that will come.

5 and 11 are both grateful for the welcomed support we have received from our immediate families, our extended families, and our wonderful friends.  Your support at this beginning is appreciated. 

Here is what you can be pre-grateful for...we just started to shoot pictures of new arrivals so you can expect some new things to start popping up on the website real soon! A little sneak peek at some of the new goodies can be seen below! 

See you soon!


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