A Hat for Every Day of the Week

Hats are a great accessory for any season but we have some great finds for the cooler months to come while not sacrificing your hair style. Check out some of the new hats! 

Sailor Hats - These hats are just the best! It's a great addition to a night out or walking any holiday market on a balmier day. 

Knit Hats with Pompoms - This has to be one of my favorites. I love these hats when I'm in 2nd or even 3rd day curly hair. I only have to worry about making sure the ends don't look too narly and away I go! 

Beanies - We have a beanie for any color scheme you have with your winter coat. They are warm and soft and easy to store in a pocket so they won't get lost in the mountain of family hats. 

Headbands - Another great one for easy storage, these are great for the soccer fields when you will be hot from cheering your littles but still need to keep those ears warm. 

Earmuffs - Our Fuzzy Earmuffs are not only a fashion statement but are perfect for keeping your ears warm when you don't want anything to ruin your fabulous hair day. 

Trapper Hats - This hat fully embraces the winter season and makes sure every square inch of your head will stay warm! 

We hope you have found a hat or two that are your favorites!

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