Happy Holidays from Boutique 511!

Happy Holidays from Boutique 511! We hope you have some time to spend with your family and loved ones and you get a chance to relax and take it all in.

This year has been an extra special Christmas for 11's house since this is the first year that Parker (at 2 and a half) has finally understood Christmas. He has been so excited about everything Christmas...the lights, putting up the tree, the elf on a shelf and visiting Santa! It has brought a special love and happiness to our home that we honestly didn't have for the holidays. We were the "going through the motions" type of people; figuring out gifts with stress, running from one holiday event to another and never really taking any time to do the fun christmas things. This year, Parker has opened our eyes to what the holidays can be like....truly magical. 

This holiday season, we hope you get a moment to be able to look at the holiday through the eyes of a toddler and you get to feel the Christmas spirit!

God bless and until 2018 everyone.....



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