Happy Father's Day Dads!

I know we normally focus on the ladies, and we will have a hint of that here in this post, but we wanted to make sure the men in our lives got some love since Father's Day is coming up. 
We are very blessed to have some super awesome dudes in our lives; our Dads and our Hubbies. Our Dads will always be our helping hand even though we have been out of the house for years. Whether it's a babysitting weekend to a little project or 2 around the house, they are always there. 
And then there are our husbands. Although we sometimes complain to each other the craziness of our day to day lives living with these "Wittek Men", overall we are some of the luckiest ladies out there. These 2 guys have done nothing but be super supportive over the last year and a half as we have embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure. Having a side hustle is always a shock to the family system as we spent the first year trying to figure out what our new normal is. They picked up the slack of areas where we would have full responsibility, and was always making sure we had time to work on our "stuff".  And if you live close to us, anytime we are at a pop up shop, they are most likely there, either helping us with setup or being our #2 at the event all day long. So a huge thank you to helping us in the background and believing in us even when we didn't. Thanks for all the support as we make it as #bossladies. And, they also have a very important job..they are giving these sons of ours great examples of how to turn into incredible men. 
So, we ask that you take some time this weekend to hug those dads and dads to be a little tighter. They do so much do all of us that a lot of the time goes unnoticed. Thanks Dads for all you do.
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