Excited About Back To School?

I love the summer so much.  Our family moves North to the cabin, we get to hang out with family, be among trees and dirt, and travel about the land trying to spend more time in a National Park or Forest than on private property.  Having said that, there comes a time in the summer when you stop avoiding those aisle in Target that has had back-to-school supplies in them since the end of June, to looking at them with acceptance, and to be honest, maybe excitement...  I love hanging out all together as a family, but I also love to see my kids grow and learn, and I also love to do my job with minimal interruptions and without having to wear a hanger helmet on my head trying to find wi-fi. 

And if your like me, even if you aren't school age or have school age children, I always love back-to-school season.  I feel motivated to try to learn something new, even if it's just a new Y class or dinner recipe.  And of course, get new clothes...

Right now we are running our end of summer sales- check it out, there's great bargains there, with many of the pieces looking great well into fall.  And start looking for new styles to start hitting our site near the beginning of August.

Hope everyone's enjoying the summer!

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