Adaptation and the Blanket Scarf

By now everyone North and South should have noticed the change of season.  Events that were made months, or maybe even weeks ago, are happening.  For us, some have gone as planned.  For example, Prescott Daze went amazing!  Thank you to all the people that took the time and effort to come out and support us.  And it was great to meet and get to know the people at the Andrew Mason Coffee Company in Bethalto, IL.  Other events could have gone better- who knew a hurricane could effect the exact center of the country?  Although we know we are so much better off than others, we hold the Carolinas in our hearts.  

We know we aren’t alone- personal and professional plans change for everyone all the time.  For us, what seems to separate success from stuck in stagnation is the attitude to adaptation.  Change usually comes whether you want it or not.  It's okay to grit your teeth for a bit, but after that find a way to lean into it.  Usually it happens for a reason, and one that we can't even imagine.  We try to follow this rule- don't make our issues, other people's.  

Not all changes are unwelcome though.  We're both runners, so cooler weather means a natural increase of pace.  And of course wearing new clothes are always fun.  One of our favorite fall and winter pieces is the blanket scarf, and it's for the same reason mentioned above- it's ability to be adapted. 

Blanket scarves can be folded up tight to serve as a simple scarf, can be belted to act as an easy to wear poncho, and can be beautifully draped over a simple t.  And when all else fails, and you still can't find the meaning in the change your faced with- wear it as a shawl and give yourself a good hug and look great while doing it!  Still need a little help? Veronica (11) has created a little tutorial video for you! Click here to watch! 


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