A Lofty Goal- Working Out While the Kids Are Off Of School...

  • Hi everybody, 5 here!  By now I think we all know to pay attention to what we're eating around the holidays and to pencil in some gym time.  But the other time of year I've learned to watch out for is summer- especially once my kids hit school age.  It's always great to have the kids home from school and to take a break from the homework hotline.  I often think that now I don't have to run the kids here or drop them there and the weather's nice and it's light out longer, finding time to workout will be a breeze.  But man margaritas taste good and so does the Tastee Freeze...  So before a pool visit needs to be skipped, make a plan.  Here are a couple ways I've made sure I've stayed healthy over the summer:

    -Join the Y, or another gym that has a kids club included in the membership.  The kids can make friends and so can you!  Best yet, you'll both have built in play dates.  If they ended up loving it there, they'll make you accountable, so they can see their friends. 

    -That's great advice for young children, but there's a tricky age range where kids are too old for the kids care, but too young to stay home alone.  I'm not going to lie, this is a hard age range, and it might last a while, so I strongly encourage figuring out what works for you, right from the start.  For some, you might have a neighborhood kid that can swing by and babysit- that's what I did for the days I had long runs I needed to complete before a marathon.  For most though, that's too expensive of an option to do everyday, so here is what worked for me other days of the week.  I found a local track and we all pilled into the car and went there.  My kids could run with me, or we brought balls, Frisbee, and squirt guns for them to play with.  For every peaceful minute I got on the track, they got at home in front of the screen of their choice.  I'm not above bribery.  The other workout that worked for me was that while I ran, I had my kids bike in front of me.   The first week of this plan was rough- I was the crazy lady of the neighborhood yelling at her kids in public..."Watch out for me!", "I should not be able to run faster than you bike!", "Wait up you're too far ahead of me!"  Yup.  But after a week, we all knew the route, had planned places the kids could bike up to and wait for me, and we hit our rhythm.  Eventually we go so good at it, that I ended up with a real fun bonus- I got to feel like a winning marathoner that had a pacer motorbike in front of me.

    I have to admit I've had many parent fails, but one of the things I'm very proud of is that I have two boys that both run faster than me.  Sure it's fun to watch them successfully compete in races, but more than that, I love that they know a workout is as much a part of daily schedule as brushing your teeth and a trip to the Tastee Freeze.

    Retail therapy can be good motivation too.  Last week we launched an active wear line with fun tanks, hoodies, leggings, and more.  Check it out- sometimes a new outfit is just enough to get out the door. 

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