A little about my hometown, Prescott

Helloooooo and happy Friday!

As I’m prepping for my second Prescott Daze I can’t help but feel proud to be doing a pop up shop in my hometown and it seems fitting since the theme for this years festivities is #prescottproud. So this week I'm going to share with you why I think Prescott is so awesome!

Now I know some of you locals know that I’m a transplant but since this is the longest place I’ve ever lived I call this home and where I’m from. I grew up moving from one place to another so when we first moved to Prescott I figured it would be the same thing; a 3-5 year stint and then off we go to a new adventure. 9 years later we have zero plans to move.

The river and proximity to where 5 and her family were living at the time were major reasons for moving here and what has kept us here is the community. And it's not just one thing, but so many things that the people of Prescott have done to make us feel like we belong. It's being asked how your kids are doing at the checkout at Ptacek's even when they aren't with you, it's the wads of tissues that they give you after dropping off your baby at daycare for the first time, it's the Post Office calling you to let you know they've kept a package from going back to the sender because they knew you just had a baby, it's the neighbors who see us out in the yard and invite us over for a cold one, it's the sweet comments and pats on the back from the patient patrons of the restaurants where we eat breakfast on Sundays after church, it's a Priest who quickly gets a baptism set up when he sees you walked in all dressed up on Sunday mass, and it's the overwhelming support when we started this business. I can seriously go on and on but I think you get it..the people here are pretty sweet. 

After a few of these types of encounters I knew this was a place I wanted to raise my family. 

As you make your weekend make sure to put Prescott Daze on the list and come say hi, I’ll be hanging out on Main Street.

Until next week....


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